Students support the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Students support the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

A few months ago, AGC students participated in a “Chores for Change” fundraiser for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless organized by our second graders.  The Coalition was so inspired by our students’ work, that they posted a story about us on their website!  Here is what they wrote:

Inspiring actions from children concerned about homelessness

Posted April 30th, 2010 by admin

It is hard to not feel inspired working in the development office at CCH. We see, on a daily basis, how many people across the city, state and country passionately and loyally support our mission to end homelessness.

However, this spring was especially inspiring after CCH received more than $1,000 from local grade school children concerned with the well-being of people who are homeless in Chicago.

A surprising contribution came from the second grade class at the Academy for Global Citizenship, on the city’s southwest side.  In a successful effort to live up to their school’s mission to “positively impact the community and world,” the children organized a schoolwide fundraiser called “Chores for Change.” The money collected by doing household chores was given to support homeless children and their families in Haiti and here in Chicago.

A second grader named Caleb stated, “I don’t normally like to do chores. But when I did the chores to raise money to help others, I didn’t mind it so much. I wasn’t in a rush to get them finished.”

Further inspiration came when we received donations in honor of Zack, who asked his friends and family to give money to CCH for his 9th birthday this year. Zack wrote, “I hope that some people will find a home with some of this money” and went on to thank us for the work we do.

There is no way CCH could do this work and help people find homes without generous and thoughtful children like Zack and the students at the Academy for Global Citizenship.

— Tabitha Pederson, Development intern

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