Earth Hour Everyday at AGC

Earth Hour Everyday at AGC

Regina Harris is one of our second grade teachers at AGC and wrote this piece about how her students celebrated Earth Hour!

During a recent unit on architecture, my second grade students explored various types of building materials and local and global structures, which include housing, schools, bridges, temples, office buildings, etc… We also made 3D structures of the Willis Tower of Chicago and the Empire State Building of New York. We discussed how much lighting energy these types of buildings would require to operate.

Then four Roots and Shoots student leaders from second grade presented Earth Hour information during one of our school’s daily community circle, with the lights off. (Community Circle is the part of our day where all the students come together to share information with other classes. It is an excellent opportunity for students to exercise their leadership skills.) These students held up the 3D structure of the Empire State Building to explain how this famous US landmark planned to participate in Earth Hour to help reduce energy consumption.

Finally, these four students challenged all of the staff and other classes to take part in Earth Hour by turning off all the lights in their homes on March 27th. These Roots and Shoots students also made and displayed posters to promote Earth Hour participation. When school resumes next week after spring break, the students plan to share what they did at home to honor Earth Hour. Finally, the students came up with the idea to have “Earth Hour” each week at school where they would complete work “in the dark” to continue to reduce our school’s electricity use.

Well done second grade!

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